a pearl of wisdom for starting a warm cyclemaster – or it may be baloney..

you decide.

This probably isn’t new to experienced Cyclemaster riders but I’m not one of them, so to me it’s a discovery. A discovery, from the need to stop pedalling up and down the road, to start my Cyclemaster “Sir Walter” and annoying the neighbours.

The first 15 mile ride has noticeably improved the engine, it even sounds crisper and it was definitely going better at the end. However, it does have a problem starting after standing for 10 to 15 minutes. Starting from cold – no problem. Starting straight after stopping – no problem. But after 10 minutes it just takes a lot of pedalling before it fires. My Cyclemaster friend, John, tells me he also has the same problem and I know from the internet that others do, so what’s the cause?

Well, I’m thinking the motor runs a fairly weak mixture as it gets 240 MPG and this makes it reluctant to start when it’s cooled a little. I’ve tried the choke but this just floods it as I can smell petrol when pedalling and it doesn’t have a float “tickler” to raise the fuel level and richen the mixture.

However, it seems to start really well “kick-started” as shown below

and I have an explanation and it goes like this.

When you kick-start the way I did, the bike and motor are tilted to the left. Now the float bowl is on the right of the carburetor and the petrol exists the float bowl on the left. So when you tilt left you raise the fuel level at the main jet and this richens the mixture – like “tickling” the carb.


This theory may be a load of gibberish or baloney (or rotvälska for my swedish followers) . Or it may be a pearl of wisdom. So I’d be interested in your views and whether it works for other Cyclemaster riders?

You could of course, pedal in a fast, tight circle to the left and this may work as well but I take no responsibility if you get dizzy and fall off!


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