almost a hen with teeth – unbelieveable but true

The amazing power of the internet (or the “herdy gerdy” as my mother calls it) has come good. That and my pig headed determination, has found the closest thing to hens teeth I’m likely ever to find – in Poland of all places.

I’ve found a manufacturer of hub parts that are pictorially very, very similar to the 1950’s Cyclemaster Eadie Coaster hub. My guess is they are based on the same design as the Cyclemaster hub that was originally made by BSA in Birmingham; a Polish manufacturer has just bought or “used” the design. But they only sell to Distributors and the nearest is in Slovakia!

However, I’m on a roll, as Miroslav of the Slovakian distributor is willing to send the parts I need. The only issue is whether I can be sure they will fit my Cyclemaster, based on photos only but it’s worth the risk as I can’t get the parts anywhere else.

It’s not identical, so I’ll need to make an extension piece but heh I’m an engineer – I can do anything (within reason and given time…and I’ve got plenty of that)

So it’s bank transfer and fingers crossed!




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